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How Do You Nacho?

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How Do You Nacho?

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Food Style

Is “I’ll try anything once,” your food mantra? Do new dishes excite you? Do you like messy foods:  wings, spaghetti and corn on the cob? Is getting a little sloppy ok if the flavor is worth it?

You like things the way you like them, as long as that means “neat and clean!”
Who’s afraid of a little adventure when it comes to your taste buds? Not you! Way to go! And if you get a little messy? No problem - you’re laid back and handle it like a champ!
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Daily Habits

Are you an early riser during the week? Do you devote a lot of time thinking about budget or family finances? Does your favorite beverage include alcohol?

It sounds like you’ve been #adulting for quite some time now! Good for you, you can take care of business with the best of ‘em.
Finances… what? Leave me alone, I’m a kid. Or at least a kid at heart!
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Free Time

Does your leisure time involve stadiums and ballparks? Do helmets, balls, bats and cleats all have a home in your garage?  Do the words “homerun” or “touchdown” make your heart beat a little faster?

We get it, you’re into sports! And we’re right there with you on that! Nothing better than playing, coaching and/or watching your favorite teams with your favorite people!
So, sports aren’t your thing. That’s cool… you have extra time on the weekends not being glued to the game on TV!
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Responsibility Level

Do you find yourself spending time and money on someone other than you? Do you stick to a schedule because you don’t have the freedom to change plans on a whim? Are your needs and wants often put on the back burner?

Welp, it sounds like you’re a parent! As parents, we know it’s the most rewarding job you’ve ever had! But it IS a job. And certainly comes with a lot of responsibilities!
It sounds like you’re footloose and fancy free and can always look out for numero uno.
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Emotional Needs

In a relationship, do you prefer figuring out a solution to something rather than talking about it? Between respect or love, do you prioritize respect? Are you drawn to independence over emotional intimacy?

Let us guess, you’re a dude. It’s pretty standard dude stuff we asked up there! But more than likely, there are some ladies around that also empathize with those feelings. So, don’t be worried if you’re a woman and got this result.
You’re more than likely of the female persuasion! Women typically prefer love over respect and intimacy over independence. Don’t @ us, we didn’t make the rules.
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Ambiance Preference

When it comes to dining, do you like a nice al-fresco atmosphere? Is there nothing better than sunshine and a nice cold beverage? If someone asks you to join them out on a patio or other picturesque locale, do you respond “Yes, please!” before they finish their sentence?

You thrive in being outdoors and under the blue sky! To you, there’s no better pairing with food than the fresh air!
You’re an A/C all-the-way type! Indoor dining is the way to go, no bugs, no wind…no problem!

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How Do You Nacho?

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